@pacamorchaca submitted:

I liked your post about The Halloween Overwatch update. I don’t know if someone has already pointed out Widowmaker’s victory pose. Everyone else’s victory pose has their arms sticking out of the grave and has their cool weapons and shows off parts of their personalities while Widowmaker is just a pair of legs. 

This is the ride that never ends… both Overwatch’s Halloween event and Widowmaker herself.

Widowmaker is supposed to be an emotionally absent assassination virtuoso so apparently Blizzard thinks is “default” behaviour for women and highly trained super assassins.

– wincenworks

If anything, I’d expect this “victory pose” to be given to Symmetra, seeing how she’s the one with most emphasis on legs (and hips), while Widowmaker’s signature feature is the impossibly deep cleavage. Of course, true to that theme, Tracer’s grave should have her butt sticking out.


PS: As we’re still on the topic of Overwatch, we wanted to point out to readers so eager to say that it’s natural for Blizzard to make money on lootboxes, especially limited special event ones, cause that’s what how the game pays for itself… Overwatch is a full price premium game – it pays for itself by being sold. 

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