Jaspy submitted:

I made this image to show the hypersexualisation of darker-skinned women in anime and Japanese video games. In each example, the character’s design exposes much more skin (and, most of the time, cleavage) than almost all of the lighter-skinned characters in the franchise. In most examples, their portrayal is heavily sexualised. This is particularly egregious when the character is closely related to a very pale character with a much more modest design, such as Kuro with Illyasviel and Ramlethal with Elphelt.

Exotification is, of course, certainly not limited to anime – but this is a great collection for showing some of the trends that tend to occur when creators decide that someone is “different” and so regular design principles need to be considered when creating their costume.

Not only does this tend to re-enforce a lot of problematic stereotypes and viewpoints, but it also makes people feel excluded and unwelcome… everywhere.

– wincenworks

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