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A few days after the FFIV repost talking about failed bikini armor “jokes” my friend sent me the following and I instantly thought back to that post and thought “Is THIS how to do it right?!”

In case anyone needs an explanation: Valve’s moba Dota 2 allows players to make their own sets and items and put them to community vote for inclusion in the game. Enough votes will get them reviewed and/or tweaked by Valve after which they will be added to the game as actual items for purchase and use by the community.

If you want to see that set in the game or just wanna support what I think is decent female armor you can thumbs up the set here:

We love modders, and what we would love even more is for this item set to become an official part of the game.

– wincenworks


An update from @maxofs2d, one of the creators:

The set is actually in the game as of this week! It can be obtained in the second Fall 2015 chest, which you get by leveling up your compendium. There are five sets in the chest so if your compendium is leveled up to the point that you got five of the Sharpened Feather chests (level 120+, I think?) you are guaranteed to get the set, otherwise it’s up to random chance.


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