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Deathtrap Dungeon (1998) is a fun game if you’re in the mood for some mindless violence, but I’ve always been curious what kind of mind can put the two playable characters in any sort of proximity to each other and go “yep, this is right”. The best part is that Red Lotus originally was designed with an even worse outfit, namely one in which she just sort of wears a necklace over her nipples. As HardcoreGaming101 puts it: “Whether executive prudery prevailed in the end, or someone simply noticed how ridiculous it looked, she ended up with a somewhat more chaste leather leotard in the final game.”

And while we’re at it, the comparison between the two also shows in their stories. Chaindog has a decent background story about being a gladiator slave who tries to retrieve his sense of self. Red Lotus’s backstory, on the other hand, is about how she has to constantly kill men because they try to rape her and will only “give herself” to a man who can defeat her in battle. Also she wants money.

Needless to say, none of the female enemies are treated any better. The demon witch manages to be worth a special mention on account of her four boobs.

I remember read/playing the original Deathtrap Dungeon (1984) choose-your-own-adventure book. I’m pretty sure that while it had an elven woman in it, she still got more dignity than that.  So while looking,I did found this:


Yeah, even when game development highlights how phenomenally an outfit is… apparently that’s never enough to deter some developers.

As for the elf from the book, well this is the only image I could find with her in it:


And this was the only other female character in the book (a Mirror Demon):


They had to really, really work hard to shoe-horn all the boobs.  They had to work so hard they didn’t have time left to make a decent game.

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