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Gravitar from Champions Online (also nicknamed by players Gravit*rd or just Gravy). She’s not a recent character but frankly I’ve always felt she deserved more recognition… For all the horror she embodies as a stereotypical super villainess.


Gravitar has arrived for a night on the town in Millennium City! That dreadful diva’s idea of a good time is wreaking total havoc to grab a few headlines!

Gravitar can knock heroes around with her control of gravitational fields, and beware her biting wit as well – with her knowledge of the hottest runway trends, Gravitar suffers no fashion faux pas!

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She has her own rampage (special instance) which will take 10 players of lvl35-40 to fight her, which with this fact alone, makes her one of the most difficult bosses of the game. If you google her name, you’ll mainly see guides to fight her or to make a survivable build only for her. Because her gravity powers can wipe out any unprepared team.

And the worst comes that she actually drops unlock costumes, so you can actually look like her… -_-


I have to say, I really love how on the right most option the beads just attach to her stomach – it really shows the kind of commitment to detail involved in making this trash. Doubtlessly they are hoping “but she’s a badass” argument will cover all bases.

But the thing is: If you really want people to recognize that your character is a badass and give them credit for it – the design should reflect it.  Now Champions (even before video games) has always been a somewhat tongue in cheek parody of superhero comics – but I feel they could have done better than a ridiculous mashup of Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers edition) and Black Queen (from X-Men).

I mean why not a more intimidating mix of Spiral and Big Barda?


Imagine that supervillain throwing gravity around and strutting down the street with an adorable little doggie!

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