starryoak submitted:

a Joybit game site. I can’t link to it because I’m fairly certain it’s
clickbait loaded with malware, but seriously, look at that spine there. I
wish I could do that safely. That would make things easier.

These doughnut commercials are getting more abstract.

(Advertisement for Chaos Online,

And even without the obvious anatomy issues, her “armor” seems like designed specifically to score/tease as many squares on our bingo as possible.

I think commenter on eschergirls, 

Android 21 3/7, puts it well:

And here is Lady Maliceia, dominating the catwalk with the latest bikini armor by Demona von Riche. Though designed to simulate demon carapaces, it also accentuates her luscious curves while the demonic red glow draws the eye, and thus projectiles, away from her vulnerable abdomen. Heroes will be dropping their jaws and dropping their pants for any foxy female second-in-command in this lovely outfit!


Eyup. And the generic sexualization of this “armor” broke the bingo.

And no-one was surprised ever.


I feel the only reason we couldn’t tick off High Heels was because we can’t see her feet.  Yet somehow she easily qualifies for more metal on gauntlets than vital organs…

– wincenworks

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