While Hitman: Absolution got a lot of attention for the attack of the latex fetish nuns, the fetish nuns in question were actually a lot better clad than the female assassin from the previous title.

Eve, from Hitman: Blood Money wandered around in an outfit… can’t even be explained with paint and superglue.  Meanwhile her male colleagues wandered around in bespoke suits (47′s may look boring but it’s bespoke).

She also had the indignity of essentially being the completely incompetent rival assassin who can’t sing but disguises herself as a singer (it’s painful) and trades entirely on her sex appeal to lure you into an ambush. 

To make matters worse: This ridiculous outfit is basically the “uniform” of half the women attending the party. 

What were the men at the party wearing?  Suits.

– wincenworks

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