elsewhereinelsweyr submitted:

This is a heavy armour set from the MMO Perfect World International. In comparison to many other armours in the game for female characters, this one actually covers quite a bit of the character. The armour also looks (imo) really pretty and detailed from the back, as well as having the bonus of completely covering her back without exposing random patches of skin, and it actually looks like (pretty ornamental) armour

But then, whenever I move the camera around and see the front of my character, I just go whyyyyy??? 

Why is her stomach completely exposed? Why is she not wearing actual pants? And why do literally all of the armour sets for women have high heels in this game?

and thats not even mentioning the boob cups

Perfect World has been terrifying me ever since they tried to use undead boobs to sell Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter.

Honestly it’s really quite amazing that with all the experience Perfect World have in making games for other properties that their own property with their name attached is… so generically terrible.

– wincenworks

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