Quiet apologists have been by far the most tedious defenders of bikini armor, constantly insisting that there is some sort of great artistic genius at work behind Kojima’s design decisions.  It’s always either he’s doing some sort of genius bait and switch (that’s not genius) ploy or somehow the characterization will make up for the costume or (my personal favorite) people just need to spend hundred of hours playing every MGS game to understand the twenty-four minute trailer released to the general public.

No amount of anything is ever going to make up for this, the game hasn’t even been released yet and he’s already releasing  fondle dolls.  Oh, and since I’ve seen lots of guy’s insisting that the Snake doll will be equally fondleable and objectified – No. No it won’t.

At this point, the kindest thing that can be said has already been said on Twitter:


– wincenworks

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