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Dragon Nest EU is a free-to-play action RPG with colourful graphics and  gender-locked classes. My female character is referred to as “little girl” in various quest texts and her voice also sounds like one. The game looks like it might attract a younger audience. That doesn’t mean though, that the female characters – not only the “adult NPCs” also the “little girls” – are heavily sexualised and their animations are full of “sexy” poses.
The picture above is from the official website along with the next picture:

This one is one of their wallpapers:

And here is one of my screenshots of one of the first NPCs you meet. When she moves in the cutscene, my only thought was: how does she manage that her boobs don’t fall out of this “dress”?

I haven’t played much of the game yet but all the male characters I’ve seen so far were wearing decent armor and looked ready for battle.

Y’know… I’m not sure there was a single design priority on any of these depictions of female characters was to try to crank up the sexy to 11/10.

Given the title of the game… you would think that perhaps some design consideration would be given to some… dragon themed stuff? Maybe some adventure themed stuff?

Apparently not.

– wincenworks

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