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I never would have thought I’d be able to submit a Smite goddess as a positive example, but the newly released Bellona has blown me away. not only is she covered in practical armour, it’s an accurate (if stylised) depiction of Roman armour!
She’s not even in heels, which is the one problem with Smite’s other positive example Artemis. Here’s hoping that this marks the start of more badass armoured goddesses and less sexy spider ladies.

Which this is pretty decent armor, the guys at SMITE still manage to raise a couple of major concerns with me:

Bellona only has two “looks” released at the moment… both essentially the same model with a re-texture and SMITE has this tendency to well… let’s look at Artemis’ alternative looks:


The other concern is of course… the entire rest of the game.  Bellonna, aside from being a really obscure deity, appears to have been added as cheap expansion product…. so much so that they didn’t bother to find out that she actually did have a pretty major temple.

So overall, I really like the image but I really don’t want anyone to interpret this as anything resembling an endorsement for SMITE.  I am in fact suspicious that the reason this looks so good is they didn’t want to take the time and spend the money to ruin the design (yet).

– wincenworks

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