giantpurplecat submitted:

I love the game AdventureQuest Worlds, I really, really do. It’s provided me the best of fun and entertainment, and laughs, for years, but after seeing the female version of this armor, I sighed heavily and I wanted to smash my table in two. The people who work with this game come up with amazing and artistic armor designs, in my opinion, but some of them just make me turn the other way.

This is like one of those spot the difference puzzles only as I circle the differences I feel a sense of rage instead of accomplishment.  Particularly the bit where he’s got a gap on his chest to show off his chest hairs (or are they scales) but she’s got a widely exposed thong as if to assure us she is immaculately smooth and hairless.

That and how it would be apparently be too weird and unsexy for her to have like toe claws on the end of her shoes… because we all know how guys consider that to be a dealbreaker.

– wincenworks

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