theredghost submitted:

I’m very curious as to this page’s opinion on the character Saskia from the video game Witcher 2. Like the rest of the game, the character design mixes its mature approach to sexuality and practical armor use. I kinda want a costume of this to be honest. It may only have one or two strikes against it, but the overall look may “pass the bar” as it were, and is leagues beyond most other appearances for women in video games overall.

Mostly it’s a pretty good outfit because it’s most of a suit of armor except that the cuirass is missing the breastplate section.  It seems there was a great battle in the creation of this design between a side that wanted to make armor that protects the wearer and the side that wanted to showcase boobs.

Well, we can see which side won.  Otherwise yeah it’s pretty good and would probably make sense as a kind of ornamental armor to be worn at parties etc – but not one you’d wear while seriously going into battle.

– wincenworks

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