So, have you people heard about Shovel Knight? There’s this character named Shield Knight and seems people are getting quite a surprise when they find out Shield Knight is a woman. The whole non-sexualized. full body armor with only the face exposed may have confused them. The game doesn’t tell you she was a lover or friend, only that Shield Knight was Shovel Knight’s adventuring companion.

When I first read this ask, I kicked myself because I saw this game for sale on Steam and didn’t even think about buying it because well…


So I decided to look into it and specifically who was Shield Knight?


G L O R I O U S !

This is how you female armor!

The first few articles I found were mostly written before much was known other than she was going to be in the game.  But according to the original Kickstarter:



So while it appears that Shield Knight does have an awesome outfit on par with Shovel Knight’s… being female means she still must exist primarily as a “beloved” damsel to be rescued by the hero.


– wincenworks

I’m really puzzled how would someone confuse Shield Knight for a man.
Her design is an A+ example of how to make armor look feminine without compromising its protective purpose.

Still, seems like the game makers’ idea was “as long as we make the damsel in distress character wear appropriate warrior gear instead of princess gown then we get our feminist cookie!”… I don’t have enough palms to facepalm accordingly.


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