Falcon Twin gives us a proof that you need to first suffer some kind of memory loss to start questioning the “women’s protection level is inversely proportional to how much she wears” rule of the fantasy world you live in.


It will never stop being funny to me that the three most common argument types to defend bikini armor as a concept are:

  • Realism! (“It’s lighter!”, “she’s agile” and “distraction factor!”)
  • Creative freedom! (“you can’t judge artists!”)
  • Suspension of disbelief! (“It’s a game with wizards… leave it alone!”)

Completely disregarding that suspension of disbelief is not “Hey just go with whatever I say, I’m an artist!” and rather a part of storytelling that relies upon everything that isn’t real being internally consistent.

Which why we need less battle bikinis and/or more sexy male armor.

– wincenworks