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a cactus far more water than is needed can result in complications such
as root rot, loss of clothing, squished breasts, and vacuum-sealed

(Seeing as someone just submitted Flower Knight Girl art,
thought I’d submit some too. Poor Cactus deserves much better than

Always remember to care for your cacti, folks ):

Public service announcement: skimpy highlevelitis can be contracted by anyone, including plant gijinka! 

Without herd immunity, the sexsellius germ spreads uncontrollably

Don’t confuse a disease for creative freedom. Inoculate your female warrior characters, regardless their species, with well-designed costumes today, for the better tomorrow.


6 RPG Tropes That Need to Die

Dorkly again parodying some obvious absurdities of bikini armors (like double standards and skimpy high level) in fantasy/RPGs… twice in the same comic 🙂 

We always enjoy when skimpy female armor lands on a list of things that games should get rid of once and for all

And, of course, just like in the case of that video list, we recommend steering clear of the comment section, where “Stop complaining about female armors because I like them therefore there’s nothing wrong with them!” dumpster fires are burning.



It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to do the whole Magic Meat March challenge this year due to other conflicts, but I did get a few things out there and hey there‘s always next year! Here‘s an outfit upgrade!

Sexy male armor for today found on @magicmeatmarch! @sourshock illustrated quite nicely what the skimpy high level trope would look like on an empowered dude

Bonus points for retaining the nipple modesty even after the costume upgrade! If lady nips are a no-no, why wouldn’t male ones be, right? 


warning: artwork on OP’s blog extremely NSFW!

It really seems like Legend of the Cryptids is trying to one-up its own stupid designs. This card is apparently called “The Lone Warrior Woman,” though I would rename it to “The Soon-to-be-Dead Warrior Woman.” I mean, all those straps on her stomach are basically a giant arrow pointing at her exposed vital organs. At least there’s more than 2 colors…? Also, looking at her walking in that wind is making me really cold. At least her advanced card takes place around some nice warm fire or something.


It’s really amazing how much more armor her arms receive in the upgrade, but her bra somehow gets even smaller. Never change, Applibot.


I think it’s not just her bra that got smaller, seems to me that her boobs inflated upon leveling up


If you thought Lancer Artoria Pendragon was the most insulting and sexualized take on Saber’s character, then you haven’t heard of her dark (Alter) Lancer counterpart! Unholy underboob, Batman!


How does it stay in place? Where did her nipples go? Why do her breasts look detached from the torso? Obviously, the answer for all of the above is: evil is sexy

While the usual side of breast cleavage is not shown here, I marked “boob window” because of that boob-belly window. Also “nipple additions” for that scraps of fabric which are where the nipples should be. 

Bingo again inspired by that @eschergirls post.