Dragalia Lost Some Clothes, Part 2 

While Icy took on a character with obviously exotified outfit, I picked one whose sexualization was prooobably not meant to relate to racial coding. Her name is Malora… and judging by her clothes, she’s cowgirl mage? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 

She just looks bad. 

Actually, the biggest thing to fix was her face. Dragalia Lost artstyle promotes some fucked up facial proportions, yo! 
Not only was her kittyface mouth waay too small and placed on her right cheek, the highlight representing her nose was so teeny tiny and high up that all I could do was to use it as a guide to bridge of her new nose. Including human nostrils. 


Costume fix was pretty unintrusive in comparison to facial changes. I just didn’t want her to look so drafty. While I appreciated reasonable shorts under the mini skirt, I decided that a longer skirt fits my plans better, as I reworked her thigh high… boots? stockings? Did she wear shoes inside shorter shoes, and greaves on top? I liked their decorative design, so I changed the ‘inner shoes’ to tights. 


Reworking the top part was a bit more challenging, not because of some original idea (I literally just gave her a non-crop shirt), but because between her boobs and her spine there was some subtle @eschergirls​ anatomy going on and it took a couple takes to make that vest work according to laws of physics on her chest. Hopefully with success. 

Not my best or most radical redesign, I still hoped it helped. 


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