Powdered Shit Brown Dust Brave Nine, Part 1: Frellea 

Speaking of Brown D… I mean Brave Nine, whatever the changes to the game’s name, story and character roster, it still remains a confusing mess, seemingly made only for the sake of its exploitative waifu art. So of course I proposed to Icy that we stream redesigns from it! We’re definitely alright after staring at them for hours 🙃 

This character is Frellea, older sister to the backstory comic’s protagonist demigoddess Eda and, I guess, from how well-endowed she is, a very powerful deity. I think, judging by character names (is Frellea a corrupted take on Freya?), they’re Norse mythology-inspired, like Odin’s Sphere’s butt-wing Valkyrie
And of course, literally nothing else about the designs communicates that. 

It was SO HARD to decide what should take priority in fixing this mess, but the mix of boobplate and scalemail boobsocks went first. I reshaped her breastplate into something plausible and decided to extend the scalemail into a long-sleeved tunic (though that one’s tight fit is mostly my artistic license). 


Next step was to tidy up the messy design composition, including the color scheme. Both me and Icy concluded those huge feathery… trains? tails? were purely decorative, so we got rid of them. 
I decided to balance out the contrast by making that ribbon white (instead of the shade shade of grey as her hair), reusing redness of the other ribbon (and the feathers) on new pants and, most of all, recoloring her non-mail armor to brass color of her bracers.* 

Easily one of my favorite redesigns, but also one of the most work-intensive ones, too. Hope you enjoy it!


PS: *In the comic the helmet and greaves are slightly different metal shade from the rest of armor, so it seems like different artists couldn’t agree on the color. Pic below, for the interested. 


Odin’s Boob Sphere Redraws: Gwendolyn 

I went into redesigning this with no idea who that character is supposed to be, and frankly, looking her up now, can’t say I’ve missed much back then. 

Can you believe she’s supposed to be a Valkyrie? Judging by her (and her sister’s, Griselda’s) design, Gwendolyn looks more like a really weird mashup of Odette/Odile from Swan Lake and lingerie model with random armor bits on legs… plus the ass wings.
Call me weird, but I never got the idea of putting wings on humanoid characters’ butts/hips/lower back instead of shoulders. It’s not like regular laws of physics apply either way, but this seems like a much less uncomfortable way to fly than with the upper back. 

Of course, first thing I did was move the wings to more conventional position, then copypasting her a brand new left arm, it fitted surpirisingly well. 


I kept the changes to the outfit to a minimum, giving her tights and expanding her frilly top, so that it doesn’t slip off her chest (both in matching yellow/gold). Also got her some pauldrons (edited from the armor on her thighs) and recreated from scratch a bit of her dress that was hidden behind the ass wing (quite happy with how I painted it). Another minor detail was changing her left shoe’s shape into something that doesn’t require foot liquification

Much less radical redraw than Icy’s excellent Velvet (who’s apparently Gwen’s half-sister), but I hope you guys like it! 


Odin’s Boob Sphere Redraws: Velvet

Not sure why it’s now apparently my brand to redesign characters named Velvet, but here we are. Can you tell that this gal is a forest witch? Cause neither can I. She’s also a princess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I really want to see the art lead’s notes on this design, just to see what their “reasoning” was for this. “The gold jewels under her breasts are symbolic of her ties to the royal family, but she can’t see them because of her breasts obscuring them, just like she lost sight of her family!!” I don’t know.

For the redesign, I just wanted to give her some breast support (since she does acrobatics and stuff, and you don’t want to be distracted by The Jiggles), as well as some kind of pant so that she doesn’t have to worry about forest insects biting her in the crotch. This is the result of 2 iterations on both the top and the pants, in usual “me” fashion. So let’s break it down.

The red sleeves looked weird to me, so I just combined them into the black shirt. Since the belt? crotch covering? I don’t know, but since that part is also black, I just decided to make all that into the collective Shirt. On top of them is that half vest that has the hood attached. I decided to give her some jingling coins at the last minute, cause the idea of hearing her walking through the forest would be kinda eerie, and she’s apparently an expert acrobat, so they would make noise when she fights. ~It could also be seen as a remnant of her royal life,~ or something.


As for the pants, I didn’t really have any ideas, so I just went the default “poofy pants” route, and then picked the only other color in the color scheme that wasn’t red or black. I initially was going to get rid of her butt cape, but decided to keep it cause she just didn’t look quite right without it.

I remember disliking the final result when I finished it initially, but looking at it again now, it actually looks kind of good? Maybe her shirt sleeves are a bit too short, but at least I don’t have to continuously grimace just looking at her now.


The Soul CaliBoyfriends

We decided to post a double stream redesign of guys we sexified last year as our own submission for @magicmeatmarch​! We also decided they’re probably together.

Raphael Sorel 

Glad that Icy suggested I fixed this vampire daddy, as I had just to finish a work someone else started. That particular outfit was obviously designed by someone who was thirsty, but not allowed to go full-on sexy on Raph. Just look at those lovingly sculpted ab shapes on the breastplate (?)… and then there’s the crotch. 👀


I seriously only followed what was already there – painted abs and pecs just as the stylized ones on his armor looked… then made his already very detailed groin area grow a size bigger and get a tiny bit more highlight, for emphasis. 

You’re welcome. 



I decided to redesign this dude who is new to SC6. Apparently he’s some kind of secret agent or something, and half of him became evil, I guess? So I figured I’d keep some of him covered to evoke that. I could have taken away most of his jacket, but because half of him is evil, he gets a bit more coverage. The stockings and boots are a reminder of his professional obligation, cause they’re so fancy and stylish. The one garter is again, a call-back to his dual nature.


And finally, because he is A Man™

and we have to see the Dong for him to Clearly be A Man™*, I clearly outlined his junk. Just to make sure that his enemies don’t forget that he is A Man™ either, I also made his double-ended dong sword more dick-shaped on the ends.

I guess you could say that he’s a Grøhwer.


*Just clarifying that this is all in jest, in response to cisnormative standards for women (big bazongas, camel-toe, etc). One’s junk obviously has no bearing on their gender.

Hyrule Warriors – A Link to the Pants, Part 2

Well, this one was definitely a journey. I’ve wanted to redesign this unfortunate “armor” ever since it was posted on this blog. Those who joined us while we worked on these pieces will know how much I struggled with certain aspects of this, and how much I hate the original. I had to change something about almost every element in this. I’m just so glad it’s done and I can move on with my life.

The first things I knew I wanted to do are the breastplate and pants. Then I gave her the sleeves to match her “skirt.” That was the easy part.


After that I didn’t know what to do about her midriff, so I focused on her hair and face. I put her hair up so it doesn’t get in the way, and I just took some of her makeup away. I do this a lot, and it’s not because I hate makeup; it’s to show that you can have lady characters look good and cool and strong without giving them false eyelashes and a contour to rival Kim Kardashian. Also because women are always expected by society to wear makeup (but not look like it, that’s important), and screw that, so….

After that, the last thing to do was get rid of that idiotic corset. I had no real ideas, so I just extended her tabbard and gave her a belt to hold her tassets. It’s kind of a hack job, but I had no better ideas, and I had spent way too much time trying to come up with something. I wanted to just keep the plate armor and not add chainmail or anything… so here we are.

I still feel like I could have done better, but at least I don’t feel my blood boiling when I look at my redesign, as opposed to the original. Now I can believe that this is a woman that actually goes out into combat, while maintaining her regal air.


Hyrule Warriors – A Link to the Pants, Part 1 

Hyrule Warriors has been on our radar for some time, so we finally decided to try making its female characters live up to the game’s name.
Basically only Impa is anywhere close to consistent with how male warriors are depicted, while other ladies at best look like they’re on a runway rather than battlefield, and at worse are Cia the Boobplate Witch


First planned either as female version of Link or his sister, Linke apparently ended up as a separate character who just happens to be very similar to him… And also to many other green archer ladies, especially the Elf from Dragon’s Crown

Reminder that, based on concept art released before inclusion of the character in the game, it could have always been much worse than just cute and vaguely derivative. Bingo-worthy worse [image source]:


Her final costume is quite fashionable, just not very functional when directly compared to how Link presents in this game, wearing layers of armor, including chainmail under his green tunic. 


While all she gets is short poofy sleeves and the fetishy “absolute territory” of bared flesh between a her skirt/shorts and thigh-high boots. 

So, of course, my aim with her redesign was to give her some layers and basic armor while retaining her individual fashion sense. 

Now her poofy white blouse is gambeson padding that she wears chainmail over, much like Link does. And the poofy sleeves  are bigger, cause why not? 


Speaking of sleeves, she also gets some additional orange undershirt that matches her skirt. And her gloves got a lot longer, to cover her forearms from harm.
Sorry for the botched shading on chainmail, I copied it from Link, but didn’t have time to  re-shade properly… or to layer it in a way that makes sense 🤔


Finally, poofy pants, to match the sleeves, and to properly protect her legs. Covered with some more layering of chainmal and longer skirt. And the boots have functional knee-high length now. 


All in all, with the amount of edits this went through, I’m not unhappy with the results. Hope you guys like it too! 


h/t for post title: @filipfatalattractionrblog​ 

Zenescope – Sweater Edition Part 2

Nataliya the Witch (I think)

“I think” because she looks completely different every time she’s drawn. Doing a quick Google search, I found the following:


Cue the confused Funky Kong noises.

Based on the crown and sometimes the nose ring, let’s assume this is her. So, her backstory is that she’s a Romani witch, I guess. The comic synopsis blurb on the Zenescope website uses a different word, ~ guess which one it is. ~ 🤢 I did not know about this “backstory” when I was doing the redesign, which means it doesn’t exist anymore. Yay!

My version is a smarmy doesn’t-talk-much-unless-it’s-to-insult-you gal.

She’s got like 18 accents she switches between depending on who she’s talking to. Whenever someone asks her where she’s from (probably cause of an accent), she gives a different answer. Her motivation is to get out from her service to the Tarot, and her relationship with them has this undercurrent of bare minimum tolerance. She doesn’t even like the main character dude, but she helps him undermine the Tarot for her own reasons. She’s probably a lesbian, and her character arc involves her learning to work together with others and maybe warming to the idea of coffee dates.

Now for the actual design. I did try to fix her body as much as I could in the time we had. I decided to give her a more edgy sweater to match the face changes I did, because I just couldn’t stand that makeup and TEENY NOSE. What is this, a nose for ants?? I ended up giving her some whiskers, cause sometimes a girl has a ‘stache (I personally remove mine), and it just looked nice with her face shape.


I also included the bra straps since the sweater wouldn’t be able to cover them, and you don’t want to chafe your nips. If this fantasy universe can have whatever the hell is the original version, it can have bras.

I really do like this bad girl look I ended up giving her, considering I have not even an iota of a clue, of what the original design was supposed to convey (besides maybe an Elektra ripoff, in the comic itself). I think Ozzie suggested the final touch of the middle finger, aimed squarely at Zenescope. 😏


Zenescope – Sweater Edition Part 1

Right around Halloween last year we decided to fix up some poor Zenescope comic heroines with Autumn-appropriate sweaters, similarly as we did with Applibot ladies before

Wicked Witch of the West 

In case this wasn’t clear from this old bingo, we hate what Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales franchise did to Oz characters, especially the Wicked Witch of the West. Attempts at reinventing this villainess since the 1939 movie were hit and miss (mostly miss), but this one is easily the laziest and most insulting one. 

What the hell was the thought process behind the outfit is beyond human or Munchkin comprehension. I refuse to believe that evil magic is what keeps this thing on her body. It’s just too nonsensical.
Thankfully, with the sweater theme I didn’t have to reinvent the costume from scratch, just throw something comfy on top. I went with a loose turtleneck tunic, matching in color the inside of her cape and her hat’s detailing. I didn’t fix anything about her pose, but she did get pants/tights that match her gloves.

Thing I noticed rather soon was that after covering all the gratuitous flesh she became a blob in various shapes of purple, especially since her hair blended with the hat and cape. I figured that if her skin isn’t supposed to be green, then at least her hair can be, both for contrast and to match the overall image’s composition better. 


I didn’t remember it while editing, but other images of the Witch we had on the blog actually did sport very dark green hair, along with sickly pale greyish skin. Whoever changed the color scheme for that particular cover made a mistake and stripped the character of the last bit of distinctness. 

Very casual redesign overall, and while much less detailed than the rest of the image, I’m rather happy with the improved color scheme and the shading I did to match the cape. Hope you like it too.


Mortal Kombat Post-11 Sexy Fix, Part 2

Sub-Zero, the Blue PecNinja

As my name might imply (it’s subtle, I know), I love me some icy bois. And who better to give an empowered cold-weather outfit than Sub-Zero himself!

Basically, I just used what he already had on, except I took away…. most of it. He looks so much more comfortable now though. I did take some inspiration from MK9, for that corset look. Of course, Sub-Zero is a bit more conservative in his dress than Scorpion, so he covers his nips.

I also changed his mask, face, and hair. The mask I made more sensual, so that people he’s fighting are distracted no matter if they look at his Hot Bod, or his face. I also removed his face wrinkles, because we can’t have men be wrinkly. Gross. And I let his hair down to give him that mysterious look. I can just see his entrance being like, flipping his bangs and flexing his pecs, with little snowflakes popping out from the cleavage. 👀👀👀

At the time we streamed this, I couldn’t find a good full-body picture of him, so I had to do with this hips-up one. I did take his pants away, and gave him a bubble butt, but feel free to add your ideas for what he’d wear on his leggies.


Mortal Kombat Post-11 Sexy Fix, Part 1

Since “real fansdemanded for  Mortal Kombat 11 to bring back the sexyness, we decided to succumb to the demands and fix some disappointingly unsexy characters.
If women in martial arts games are titninjas, it only stands to reason that male equivalent is a pecninja, right? 

Scorpion the Yellow Pecninja 

This design was surprisingly generous in showing us his oblique muscles and a tasteful sideboob sidepeck, so I had something to work of off! I reduced the top only to two strips of cloth forming a V and definitely-not-useless pauldrons that don’t even reach his lovingly rendered biceps now. And, of course, the male-presenting nipples clearly on display! 


Since I went for the aesthetic that female characters sported for the last couple MK games, he ended up with long, laced stockings and arm warmers. Also obligatory zero pants. 


The shoes are stolen from this edgelordy Mileena concept art from MKX, which we bingo’d before

The last fix was, of course, giving Scorpion an attractive face. Since the hood concealed most of his head, the look had to be redone from scratch. I went with Icy’s suggestion of stylish wolf’s tail as a hairstyle and paired it up with bold eye makeup, to give him a striking gaze. 


I’m quite happy with the result and how much of his original costume’s silhouette and color scheme I managed to preserve. 

Let’s hope this satisfies the boner culture 👀 


See also: Havik, the Pink Pecninja by @judgmentfist