So… I would never be naive enough to accuse Fortnite of creativity… so it’s not too terribly surprizing that some of these designs look familiar.


(and well that one design that is too generic to place)

But I can’t help but notice there’s one type of design for female characters missing from this line up of meant to represent options for a zombie survival game that’s now primarily known as a battle royal game.

One who looks like she is trying to get equipped to survive.  I mean seriously, why are there two generic super paramilitary dudes and no paramilitary ladies?

– wincenworks

First, if you have any doubts about the idea that Fortnite is in fact the most terrible and predatory battle royal game in circulation, I highly recommend you check out Dan Olsen’s video on Fortnite and Manufactured Discontent… actually I recommend checking it out anyway:

Now, that’s out of the way, last time there were a few people who felt that the lack of paramilitary women and that similarities to other characters were just a co-incidence.

Of course… since then we’ve had the official John Wick skin we can compare to the “totally original” Reaper skin:


I just… couldn’t help but notice something about one of the promotional skins they’re using… probably because it seems to be showing off the sort of changing holographic pattern that’s really popular in Apex Legend skins:

  • Weirdly stereotypical bright hair dye to signal “cool Asian girl” – check
  • Costume oddly designed to showcase boobs and she shaves her armpits, like that’s relevant to battle royal – check
  • Random dashes of pink so you know it woman – check
  • Zero application on a battlefield or outstanding novelty – check
  • Complete lack of narrative in the design – check
  • Costume is somehow both skin tight but has bits that randomly break away to avoid being a catsuit – check

Now I’m not saying this was the only influence – what I am saying is that in addition to reprehensible business practices, when Fortnite doesn’t just outright steal a design concept they settle for making the worst possible version of it.

– wincenworks

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