BeWitchered by the abs, part 2

Par for the course, I of course decided to redesign Geralt’s bff and certified slut (according to him, at least), Jaskier (Dandelion in the English translation, but that’s stupid).

Anyway, as we’ve been told by our fans, all people who sleep around dress like they’re trying to attract a partner 100% of the time, even when they’re in combat. So obviously, I had to change Jassy’s full-coverage outfit into one more appropriate for his personality 🍆. He’s not even a combatant, he has zero reasons to be wearing Real Clothes.

I also simplified his remaining clothes a bit, so as to not distract from the…


For the record, I totally stole that torso off a Google image search.

I gave him a codpiece, obviously, as well as sexier stockings and high heels. I also decided to give a little peek at what the back of his redesigned outfit would look like. Seeing as how he’s such a good friend with Geralt, I figured he’d have a commemorative tattoo. To remember their friendship.


More like Jasskier, am I right?

Finally, I changed his face to look more like his book description, where he is said to look as beautiful as an elf (which is how he allegedly gets all the ladies).


Now he finally looks like the Hot Stud he’s (apparently) supposed to be! 


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