guys it is so important to me that she is absolutely ripped (medusa)

Since our stream redesign this week will be another sexy dude on Friday, please enjoy this here righteously buff She-Hulk.
I wholeheartedly second the idea that the only thing important about this character is to look big and strong, which so many artists fail to understand (see the She-Hulk tag on @eschergirls for examples of how NOT to do her).

I think we would use our off Wednesdays to promote other people’s design fixes as bonus positive examples, and @nutellarella is a good artist to start with.

Remember those fun character redesigns by her​ we reblogged before? She did more! Moreover, devoted a sideblog to them, @redesignyourfave which we highly recommend! 

When responding to her (or any other redesigner’s) posts, though, just keep in mind that the idea of redoing someone else’s character isn’t necessarily to prove how much better one is at this job, but to exercise one’s skills and come up with more interesting and unique ideas than the original presented. Disagreeing with artist’s ideas  for changes is fine, as long as it’s expressed in respectful manner. 


See also: @enecola, another artist whose redesigns we featured multiple times on BABD! 

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