BeWitchered by the abs, Part 1

A day late, but hope you guys don’t mind! 

After quite a few requests and significant consideration of our own, we set off to sexify The Witcher male characters, starting with the eponymous hero himself. 

Thing about Geralt of Rivia is that, unlike most female characters in the franchise, he’s allowed to be something more than just a male power fantasy action-adventure hero. He is sexywhile engaging in sexual relationshipsHow novel! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

To fix that awful practicality of him looking like a warrior while warrioring and sex icon while sexing, I merged his official model sheet/cosplay reference with objectively one of the best Witcher game screenshots (barring ones from actual sex scenes): 


Did my best to match up proportions of two Geralts, but the end result came up a bit too top-heavy. I guess he’s more pecs, abs and biceps than legs guy now. 

Speaking of legs, it’s the one area in which I employed my own creativity instead of photo-manipulation. His codpiece is more prominent (though, once again, not exaggerated – Geralt has many issues, but definitely isn’t a type insecure in his own junk’s size) and I modified the seam stripe design to now expose some of his delicious thigh flesh. 


One last change was replacing his waaay too practical boots with high-heel ones from his adoptive daughter, Ciri. Sourced from her official cosplay guide.
Poor girl is one of the very few women in the franchise who aren’t framed as (potential) sexual conquest for Geralt, yet CD Projekt designers can’t help but put her in costumes that remind us of her femininity rather than badassery.
Hope that putting Ciri’s papa in her fashion-only shoes levels the playing field at least a bit! 

As I mentioned, not my most creatively-free redesign, but one that definitely needed to be done. Did you guys like it? 


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