Okay, so I know what you’re thinking – this game that is named uncomfortably close to the female wing of the Hitler Youth but is probably aimed to capitalize on League of Angels is clearly just a cheap porn game right?

Well, based off the visuals yes… but if you were were using a screen reader you’d be forgiven for understanding it was going to be an action orientated first/third person shooter (though according to the Twitter it’s a superheroine game, and the Steam “mature content” screen says battle arena) and even though the game isn’t out their site advertises:

That and well, this is not the first time it’s appeared on BABD… in fact it’s got a little bit of a history – but it’s still not out yet.  The actual core product itself is not for sale two and a half years later.  It’s like the opposite of asset flips and shovelware yet somehow worse.

Of course, the last patch to the game was over a year ago but apparently it’s coming soon to steam and was high up on the “female protagonist” tag search.

So glad that Steam doesn’t see the need to do any manual curating. 

– wincenworks

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