A Noble Guild Wars 2 Redesign

In the same week that Ozzie redrew the GW2 Halloween outfit, Icy decided to take out one of her pet peeves by redrawing one of the Noble outfits from the game.

I just want more ladies in suits; why is that so hard? Besides that, when I saw this dress and noticed that she’s, like, 13 heads tall, I just had to fix it. I started by redlining the original to figure out how tall she was actually supposed to be.


[Informercial Voice: “Look at the difference!!]

After that, what I ended up doing was basically copy the dapper noble man outfit.

It was a pretty simple redesign, besides having to figure out how to get that frigging vest to look good. I also fixed her hair just a bit.


Even though I wasn’t designing the new outfit, it was still fun to work on this, and I think it looks good. I get that GW2 is another semi-industrial fantasy world (but with a race of robot-builder scientists… sure), but that dress was just hideous, in my opinion. Anyway, enjoy a lady in a suit.


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