Alright critics who claim that we have to leave bikini armor alone because of “creative freedom”…

– wincenworks

Seriously though, green or pink is literally the only difference

As if “humans vs orcs” conflict wasn’t a cliche enough, they did not care to even give the boringly hot human and orc lady different flavors of sexualized design. Those are basically recolors of each other. 

Bringing this back, because

Knight Online

is the textbook example of what we sarcastically refer to as “creative freedom” – something that makes an active effort to be as generic as possible. You have to try really hard to be this lazy. 

Or, as @radicalhelmet​ put it in their reblog“Creative freedom or freedom from creativity?”

I’m also


this post as “creative bankruptcy”, a tag devoted to: 

  • borderline or outright plagiarism
  • refusal of doing anything even remotely unique or imaginative

And this game perfectly reflects the latter condition. 

I hoped to see a dead site after clicking for this old post’s source, but this game, despite sub-par reviews (that perfectly reflect on its lack of uniqueness), remains weirdly tenacious type of free-to-play MMORPG.


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