Ice Kynite submitted:

So, there is a smartphone game here in Japan called ‘100 Sleeping Princes in the Kingdom of Dreams’ (夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様)and you basically awaken the Sleeping Princes from via Rings that you get from either drops or through the (annoying) Gatcha system. Depending on the story and the responses you choose, they evolve to the Sun or Moon version with their personality kind of changing. The Moon versions usually have some of the guys sporting sexy and revealing clothing.

For example, the fairly new and recently added character named Inami here is sporting the Moon version outfit if you choose this route.

What a great agile outfit, and with such a dynamic pose! And I love the garter peeking through the slit in his pants. It’s great to see artists putting effort into the small details, as well as the big picture.

Here’s hoping for an international release of 100 Sleeping Princes!