“We thought she was dead.”

The full Talon Widowmaker painting from last month’s Patreon. Ya know, from the Legacy comic that gave her prototype armor that -made sense-.

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If only she looked like that in the game!

I re-read the comic in question and beside the helmet, back armor and part of arm guards, there’s very little detail of how Widomaker’s then-costume actually looked like. So, most of the awesome stuff in this design, like the reasonable breastplate, seems to be @artbytesslyn‘s invention, not Blizzard’s. 

In the official comic we can see an outline of her boob from the profile (first panel here) and what seems to be her blue cleavage (second panel), so it definitely lacks chest protection:


Ironicaly, in the story Widow is almost killed by Ana, whose bullet shatters part of this helmet… 


Presumably next time Amelie shows up in the OW timeline, she changes to the cleavage-tastic clothes we love to hate

Why after nearly dying she gets a costume that’s


worse and less protective in every way? Maybe in Blizzard’s logic, just like a cocktail dress makes an espionage outfit, a deeper cleavage and new, cooler helmet makes a sniper costume?