Mighty Magiswords

@universe63 submitted:

So Cartoon Network has a new series called “Mighty Magiswords” about a pair of adventurers who do adventurey stuff.  This is an image of one of the two leads,Vambre, as she evolved through the years before the show got picked up. 


Far left is her original incarnation around 1996.

Second from left is her look to about 2006.

Then in 2007, someone stole her pants (probably creepy marketing guy) and they haven’t been seen since.



So over the years of design refinement not only did her skin become noticeably lighter, she also acquired a stereotypical leotard that so rarely gets worn by male characters, huh?

The show even makes “you have no pants” jokes, to which Vambre responds “Stop judging my bare legs decision and accept me for who I am!”With no real satirical twist on it or anything – they just reproduce the cliche and address it’s there, as it that was inherently comedic.