So a friend recently asked me what I thought about this outfit:

I said that I dont understand the panties or the thigh-highs, or why she has random skin windows, or why she seems to have better protection on her forearms than her vitals, but aesthetically it’s nice.

What do you think?

When it comes to “reasoning” behind the costume’s skimpyness and random holes, I suppose the trite “Tamaraneans are solar powered” excuse is still canon. And still bullshit, as long as Star’s fellow solar-powered alien Superman doesn’t dress like this. Or that. Or THAT.

As far as official Starfire outfits go, this is maybe the second (non-cartoon) one I recall that actually looks wearable, which is a big plus, considering the alternatives:


Guess my standards for this character’s look are just ridiculously lowered at this point, but I really do think that new outfit is an improvement and hope Starfire doesn’t revert to some sort of impossi-bikini anytime soon.


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