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Ironically (and unsurprisingly) EVA’s costume is basically the opposite of a tactical advantage. The Boss’ at least functions as low cost Stealth Suit (maybe?). 

Of course, given that the pack includes horse armor, and the previously free NewGame+ Tuxedo – it’s hard to say what part is the worst from a consumer point of view.

However! There is hope.  Fans have created mods so you can finally have the gameplay experience that was sort of available but not quite if you jumped through enough hoops.

You can now have your Diamond Dog Soldier appear in all the cutscenes

There are some small issues like minor clipping glitches (due to lack of robot hand) and they still sound like Keifer Sutherland, but overall it’s pretty sweet integration. (Longer video here)

You can have Quiet dressed in her BDUs for the entire game in gameplay and cutscenes (dialogue about her outfit is still there and she’ll still do her inappropriate sexy body language).

(The second one is actually really a big bonus since Quiet’s Grey XOF BDUs are actually her most expensive item to research and deploy in the game – more than her tranquilizer or anti-material rifle!) 

And there is one more mod, though sadly it doesn’t effect cutscenes, but it’s still very, very special.

Sadly it doesn’t work with cut scenes or Quiet’s cage/home.  So you won’t be able to live out your fantasy of showering with Kojima.

– wincenworks

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