Women in Armour – ConQuest of Mythodea 2015 – 1 | 2 | 3

When you let women dress themselves for battle there are no chain mail bikinis, no boob plates, no high heels. We wear heavy armour and wield swords and axes and maces. So fuck you, video game industry.

dedicated to bikiniarmorbattledamage

(Those are not my photos! Posted with permission from the Live Adventure team and their amazing photographers. Find out more about them, the ConQuest of Mythodea and other Larp events here. Please don’t remove caption!)

BONUS: empowered male warrior :))

These are all so wonderful – great combinations of badassery and creativity.  I really do hope that major developers will start taking their inspiration from LARPers like these rather than pulp magazines.

– wincenworks

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