“Battle Costume Cammy”


nora-bright submitted:

Preorder bonus outfit for Cammy called “Battle Costume Cammy.”

According them this her being “Decked out in mission gear, Cammy is ready to complete her next objective!”

I gotta ask, what kind of battle, mission and objective are they expecting her to do in that without feeling a constant wedgie? Like seriously, that must be digging into her crotch no matter what she does.

I can already hear the furious hammering of keys as people rush to tell us that we should know Cammy has always been a heavily sexualized since she was introduced twenty-two years ago.  Being particularly famous for this:


Briefly however, let’s discuss how here original ridiculous outfit from 1993 (when people thought Rob Liefeld was a genius) has gotten even more ridiculous both in the pre-order and the standard:


That’s right, her costume now has the crotch section trimmed down, comes with extra straps to draw more attention to her boobs and has vacuum sealing around the navel.

I am genuinely perplexed how someone could even begin to think that such a thing would be bareable to wear standing still, let alone jumping around in full contact tournament fighting.

– wincenworks

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