Red Monika, of the infamously short lived Battle Chasers 90s comic, essentially defines the idea of “token sexy femme fatale”.  While every scene with Red Monika in it tends to look like it’s part of a tacky porno – the rest of the comic is actually really imaginative and dramatic.


Bingo’ing her was kind of tricky since she never had a consistent costume and for the most part you only see… select parts of her in any given panel.  The bingo above reflects the general trends.

To the extent I’ve noticed it seems to have more or less two fan bases: Fans of the Battle Chasers and fans of Red Monika.

What did her creator, Joe Madureira do after the comics market started to crash? Got hired to work in video games of course! 

This is why we can’t have nice things.

– wincenworks

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