noknightinarmor submitted:

I looked up 10th Muse on the comic book database and this cover really caught my eye with the chainmail bikini on Medusa(?) and the focus on her breasts. There’s also the (I’m assuming) heroine’s shirt compared to the antagonist’s chainmail bikini for some good/evil women double standards as well.

This is cover is totally not anything… it’s totally not the Minotaur* watching totally not the Rebel Rebel cover battle with totally not Red Sonja meets Medusa… how creative and exciting!

About the only actual purpose of tired tropes like bikini armor is they serve of indicators of creative bankruptcy.

* To be honest I’m not sure if that’s “Totally Not A Minotaur” or “Minotaur By Artist Who Has Heard Of Cattle But Never Seen A Picture Of One”

– wincenworks

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