theparanoidpansexual submitted:

What…. I don’t…. I don’t get this. 
Superwoman has a cloth costume (of some kind), but Batwoman and Aqua woman? They have ARMOUR. Like…. molded inflexible material… how the hell do they have boobsocks?
Hell, Aqua’s is SCALE MAIL, with the piece going against her skin that tightly she would be at risk of bisecting herself whenever her upper torso took a hit… or you know… she MOVED.
At least none of them are wearing heels. 

But if not see boob shape? How know is woman?

Bro-dude impersonations aside I have to agree that this is terrible and truly baffling.  Particularly since it reminds me of that time that Hollywood almost destroyed the Batman mythos:


Those who forget the mistakes of the past are bound to continue designing terrible outfits and pretending they’re armor.

– wincenworks

What particularly strikes me is how well-covered and muscular Wonderous Man is compared to his female counterpart.

I’d say “at least the female incarnations of Earth Prime male heroes didn’t get put in bikinis”, but I can’t help but be distracted that all three of them are significantly more petite and uniformly “pretty” compared to how they look as men…

Because, as J Scott Campbell “teaches” us, all heroic women have to be small, “graceful” and drawn exactly the same. And also to have their boob outline visible at every time through the magic of boobsock, OBVIOUSLY,


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