kajiyafujiiro submitted:

Lady Sif’s Armor in Thor:For Asgard… More ridiculous because they are in the middle of a snowy winter…

I’m not sure what I find more horrifying.

The little gems that look like eyes resting above her nipples or the suspiciously phallic looking configuration of gems between her boobcups.

Seriously, nobody was surprised when they left Angela looking ridiculous, and tried to compensate with shirtless-wears-tights-as-pants-Thor. With the recent movies, Marvel had been doing such great work on improving Lady Sif’s attire.


– wincenworks

It took me, like, a third look before I realized that the thing on her lower body is flesh-colored pants, not the most awkwardly drawn thong front ever…

So, do the comics EVER care to explain Asgardian sense of fashion or are we left just to assume that alien warrior godesses from another dimension are somehow inherently justified to wear outfits this absurd?

Dear Marvel, this is NOT how worldbuilding through costumes works!


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