While she never dressed really appropriately for adventure, in The Two Thrones it seems Farah went out and got ridiculous female armor.  For those of you don’t follow the Prince of Persia games, I feel I should share some facts about this character:

  • She’s supposed to be an Indian Princess but has an Arabic name
  • She’s in Persia because she’s essentially a trophy/prisoner of war but of course falls in love with the Prince
  • This is her finale appearance at the end of the “good” alternative ending the previous game 

    (The woman in the red dress isn’t Farah, it’s the “antagonist” Kaileena – who is murdered in the next game by it’s antagonist)

  • In the next reboot of Prince of Persia, her name was given to a donkey

But I’m sure someone’s going to tell me this is just because they’re secondary characters and nobody should be looking for patterns in the depiction of women in video games.

– wincenworks

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