I think this picture is best viewed on a 56k modem.

Loading, loading… ooh she looks kinda mad… loading loading… ooh look at those boobies… loading loading… BAM!

War Goddess is one of those comics which could almost single handedly justify feminist critique of media.  They’ve provided many amazing moments on Escher Girls – but I think it’s overdue we highlight how ridiculous this armor is.

Especially when you consider that issue “#0” shows her holding what I guess is supposed to be a firearm:


These costumes are so bad and inappropriate for the situations the characters are in that they would literally be better off, in terms of both safety and dignity, going topless or butt naked.

– wincenworks

How is it that in comics and video games basically every lady warrior deity or mythological figure ends up in some profoundly ridiculous variation of female armor? Improbably-held-together boobplate seems to be the standard.

MCU version of Lady Sif with her fairly reasonably designed armor, seems like the only noble exception.

Considering the trend is so pervasive, I hereby introduce the mythology tag.


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