So apparently Black Gold Online has a closed Alpha that you can apply for, which means that the game is currently so buggy and broken that they don’t want to commit to calling it early Beta

Having looked what little is available by this game, it comes as no surprise at all to me that it is the epitome of trying way too hard to be everything to everyone! Steampunk! Elves! Dwarfs! Mechas! Underboob!

It's a world with everything... except pants for women

Outsourced then poorly translated and hence really boring names for everything!?

Have to admit... I'm a little curious about the Gold Carp Soldiers

Ridiculous differences between male and female characters of identical race and class:

And yes the UI does seem to highlight the wrong button and the wrong time.

It’s tried to combine every fantasy related trope and then, most bafflingly, hired Avril Lavigne to (extremely unconvincingly) endorse it… before they even have a projected release date.

It seriously looks like the first time she's seen the script is on the teleprompter...

See developers, when you make games with ridiculous hyper-sexualised armors this is the company you choose to keep. (Also this, if you’re low budget). Think about that before you issue the briefs to the concept artist.

– wincenworks 

Who knew that dwarf women (at least ones without beards) are apparently supposed to be just waifish loli, and not the stout, strong figures just like their male peers.


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