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Google play had a bunch of games on sale today, so I downloaded a
zombie survival game and this is quite literally the first thing I was
greeted with game-wise.

In the zombie apocalypse women are equipped with tactical rocket
launchers in our breasts and hence they must be ready to fire and can’t
be covered by body armor.

(From  Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro, Pride Games Studio)

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a developer actually design the texture art to legitimately look like her costume was MEANT for boob-socks. Like, you can see the seams for how the fabric is sewn together and it almost makes logical sense if making boob-socks is what you wanted to make IRL. That’s not a detail I’ve ever seen on costumes that usually have boob-socks.

We had to see it, so you do too! 

Seriously though, this is an impressive level of badness – badness with actual effort in it! 

It’s still improbably skin-tight, but the creators put thought into the boobsocks having actual seams in right places instead of just putting fabric texture uniformly on a bare body model, like bodypaint, and calling it a day. 

That’s…  an unreasonable level of dedication to something that ultimately still comes off more like a fetish wear rather than believable military uniform.