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That ain’t armor. Have you seen me? That little scrap wouldn’t cover half a tit. ‘Sides, it ain’t like the bad guys are only gonna aim for my saucy bits. Find me somethin’ with some more heft to it. (2:01)

A side quest in Borderlands 2 Assault on Dragon Keep righteously mocks the concept of bikini armor. A mission is very appropriately tied to Ellie, who was deliberately designed against the expectations held for female game characters.


Here’s how the mission ends if you provide her (decidedly comical in design) armor with some protective value:

Feminism, baby! Woo woo! Hot damn, do I look good. (3:43)

And here’s the result of bringing her a slave Leia-style bikini:

This ain’t gonna protect me for balls, but… feel pretty hot right now. Ain’t gonna lie. Could really use a sweater. (0:25)


So, there’s been a lot of discussion about the recently announced Borderlands 3 – and of course with E3 there’s been a lot of talk about voice actors and the various alleged and confirmed bad behavior of the studio head – but not enough conversation about how relieving it was to see that (after a really, really male gazey opening) the trailer confirmed Ellie is back!


And she has a highly empowered friend!


(Unfortunately there’s a lot of problems around who’s probably voicing that empowered friend… but at least the visual was a positive.)

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