Fire Emblem Heroes has already been getting some flack for their uninspired character design, and this is a good comparison of the changes made to Rhajat for Heroes. Her original design still has problems, primarily the nylon tech this fantasy country seems to have, but the new version (named Virghat) is just so much worse. From the wiki entry on Rhajat:

…It is revealed that her cold personality is a means to mask her loneliness due to being raised in the Deeprealms by herself.

I’d believe that description, given that this was her sprite in Fates:


She’s hunched over, her eyes are in shadow, and her arms are in front of and around herself protectively. But the Heroes design and posture? All I’m getting from it, is generic poker-faced cute caster. 

Oh, and of course, there’s a damage sprite, as mentioned in the comparison image.





h/t: thekaizaverse

In these troubling times where our social media platforms must scramble frantically, expunging massive amounts of imagery as the only means to protect us from anything titillating it’s a comfort to know that there will at least be good wholesome content from family friendly companies like Nintendo who make games you can play in your living room or in public without it getting awkward!

As a side none, it appears that they decided to really lean into the damage sprite with her fashion sister, Loki.


– wincenworks

Image from the Official Site for Fire Emblem Heroes

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