Guild Wars 2′s Sexy Spooky Witch

Kept especially for Halloween, my redesign of witch’s outfit from Guild Wars 2 (human version). 

So, what does the original give us? Amazingly washed out monochromatic color palette, generic witch hat, bare thighs and shoulders, majorly over-designed bone ornamentation that looks super stabby (not to mention, frames her boobs)… and, of course, male version which looks nothing alike

After covering the gratuitous bare skin parts with poofy pants and sleeves, I decided to stick to two priorities: 

  • Make her color scheme more balanced (original, especially model sheet version I found on GW2 Wiki, is basically all just one shade of emerald!). Hope that dark teal, moss green and ebony compliment each other better when not so washed out.
  • Turn those needless small ornamental shapes into bigger, less distracting and less likely to stab her if she leans down. Obviously most of what was on her chest had to go in favor of something that doesn’t focus on the bebws.

All the actual design details and shapes were mostly incidental, as I was changing everything as I moved along, over two or three separate streaming sessions. 


I guess I could have gone the path of what we did to Saint Seiya Online and change the lady’s design to that of her spooky (warlock? lich?) skeleton male version, but I don’t like his design either, just for reasons different than overt sexism.
His bone motif is somehow even more overdone than hers (three little skulls on chest, one on right arm, another one on his… crotch?) and there’s the vague “witch doctor” vibe to him that puts this in exotification category. 


I decided to go with the traditional sexified male armor path of stripping him down to as little clothing as possible without changing the silhouette. And gave him face skin, because if lady witch doesn’t have a skull head, why should he?

Also made that weirdly suggestive crotch skull actually frame his package with its scary jaw, because we would never miss such opportunity.


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