Epic Knight, by

Roman Kupriyanov

We’ve featured this artist on the blog before, but did you know that they worked on paintings for the Wonder Woman movie? Hells yeah!

So here’s another badass lady from their portfolio. Truly a fearsome woman who is definitely capable of cutting me in half, and that’s fine. She looks like she’s wearing the colors and insignia of a noble house, or perhaps a city guard. The large tabbard that’s clearly visible over her plate armor, as well as the cape, are communicating that (that color combination in particular really makes me think of a really old house crest). As with their previous work, I really love the layering present in this design, even more so in this piece because of the layers of cloth and metal.

I’d really love to see this kind of knight in a video game. She wouldn’t look out of place in Assassin’s Creed II, patrolling one of the city states. Too bad that was before Ubisoft learned how to animate women.


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