Armored Zelda~

I wanted to paint her breath of the wild design because her hairstyle and eyebrows are so cute!

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Stunning! I love when Zelda gets to kick butt!

This is so gorgeous!
The breastplate might be a tad too tight, especially around waist, but I still like how it

specifically shows there’s gambeson padding and

proves that you can suggest breast shape underneath without rendering it as two coconut halves molded in metal

With so much fan interest in warrior Zelda, it’s sad that virtually the only game where she’s allowed to fight as herself and be a playable character is Hyrule Warriors, which has less than ideal female representation, including the princess’ easily fixable gown armor

Guess Nintendo still can’t wrap their heads around putting Legend of Zelda’s titular character in the spotlight. 
After all, what would Link do in that case? D,: </sarcasm>


h/t: @filipfatalattractionrblog