They. They put a boob jiggle. On a solid piece of metal armor.


While the OP’s gif arguably shows the whole booblate moving up and down instead of just the breasts jiggling (so it’s not improbable… given the armor is really badly fitted and worn with zero chest support), it gets worse…


…much worse…


Yeah, don’t kid yourselves, rebloggers: that character’s boobs do actually bend metal around them. It’s just not all that obvious in the top gif. 

No wonder so many people react to such design and animation by quoting Miyazaki on that real thing which he totally said.


We laughed, and we still kind of laugh… but given that at least one major video game title has apparently incorporated this kind of anti-physics into it.

Now, I agree that boobs are great, but if you’ve investing this kind of effort into showing them jiggling through armor then you may want to consider shifting genres.  I mean, this goes well beyond Schrodinger’s Breasts.

And yet is still so, so far from the worst.

– wincenworks

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