i get these ads while i’m playing a tamagachi-type game about cthulhu.


I wonder what would be fitting to say… Boobthulhu? Cthulboobs? Cthbooblhu?

Joan of Arc looks like she’s not going to be very effective if she has to fight one handed to have one arm supporting her breasts at all times :

Nothing is ever more baffling than the combination of plates of armor and a leotard so flimsy you can see her navel through it… particularly since this game gives the standard mixed message of being unable to decide if it’s about fighting or fapping.


It really says a lot about their assumptions and the relative success of the industry that this is their game they promote out of their line-up…


Oh well, at least Casual Warrior will be a nice non-sexualized game right…


This is why we can’t have nice things.

– wincenworks

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