In a video that covers a few game mechanics, over-commercialization, verbal abuse in gameplay and the general state of games… what is the hot topic in the comments?


Seems familiar. Anyone ever notice how the whole “If you don’t like it just shut up and make your own!” thing only ever applies to people who want progress… like why aren’t the people who want terrible stuff obligated to just shut up and make their own?

– wincenworks

This seemed a good post to bring back in the wake of E3 and bizarre combinations of people insisting that developers need to make parts of x games how they want, but better not adjust y parts of games for anyone else.

If your big concern in games is that feminism will ruin your games by making the female armor look more like armor or that critic blogs will be the ones making creative decisions – you’re probably not actually worried about video games but something much more personal.

– wincenworks