A friend suggested to me to bingo Tier Harribel from Bleach in her final form. And it kind of broke my mind. Not just by how amazingly bad it is, but how it builds on top of problems with her previous appearance.

Initially it seems that the two main issues with her original design are the bared belly and the jacket that is boobsock-y (also underboob-y, in manga)…


…then we get to see what she looks like with that top open and, well…


Hopefully I’m not the only person who finds the face to be the least shocking thing she kept hidden under that top.

And yes, apparently her bingoed form is also more underbooby in the manga.

Obviously none of her male friends get such an “empowered” update.


Preemptive warning to those who are typing lore-heavy responses:
The fact that she’s a supernatural creature rather than a mortal human and that the white bone-like parts (including the nipples, *shudder*) are remnants of her older form does not justify the obvious sexualization of the design.

edit: Thanks to @icykitty for pointing out I forgot to cross out the most crucial bingo square here: “More advanced armor = skimpier”.

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