The devs of skullgirls edited animations for two characters removing SOME panty shots – not all, not even most, just some. For two characters. Without any request, it was all decided on by the artists. So of course people would be for this, right? Artistic integrity!

Here are some of my favorite reactions from steam.

Again, all of this because less than twenty frames were slightly altered.

Whoa, wait a minute, does this mean that every time gamer dudes squealed and gibbered about how “artists should be able to do what they want without criticism,” they actually didn’t mean that at all!?!?

Oh the always-conveniently-mutable “creative freedom” vs. “censorship” argument…

As Jim Sterling aptly put it in his video about the matter:

Or is it only censorship when it’s people who aren’t you, and don’t think like you, getting what they want for once instead of you?


Personally my favourite part about this fiasco was this:


With examples: 1, 2, 3

And yes, it’s possible they play on platforms other than Steam – but it wouldn’t explain why it took until October for them to notice a change that was made with the April 18 patch (and discussed on the main forums here).

– wincenworks

more about “creative freedom” rhetoric on BABD

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